#CalleditFirst: Nike Blazer

Nike Blazer

#CalleditFirst: Nike Blazer

Big Swoosh, Big Come Back

Sometime during the Jerkin days (don’t know what Jerkin is? Click Here.) There were a couple shoes that were extremely popular. Vlado, being the “Jerking shoe” at the time and Nike’s Blazer sneaker were at the forefront of them all. No Vlado sneakers are not making a comeback, you have nothing to fear. Nike Blazer’s on the other hand? Yeap we’re calling it.

In 1972 Nike unveiled the Blazer as a basketball shoe first worn by George “The Iceman” Gervin. Since then it has rarely, if ever been regarded to as a basketball shoe. It’s now worn casually more than anything, though nike has marketed the shoe under its Skateboarding sub division. The Blazer was designed with no special technology. The creators simply looked to emphasize the Nike logo hence the enlarged swoosh.


The last time the Nike Blazer was really considered a hot topic, at least in the states was during the years  2008-2011. The shoe blew up at the height of the Jerkin dance craze. Since then shoe has fallen in popularity, yet still remains a classic.

BUT as history repeats itself we are about to see the Nike shoe comeback to the forefront of sneaker culture. Pay close attention to sneaker stores as you continue to shop. The Nike Blazer will be lurking somewhere. Our gut says the Nike Blazer should be one of the more prominent shoes again come summer 17’ but it may very well strike much sooner than that. Just keep an eye out for the shoe going deeper into the year and remember we #CalleditFirst.

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