DDA: The Undisputed Guide To DM Diving Pt. II ??


  1. A acronym used by Sbrbnlifestyles that abbreviates Do’s, Don’ts & Advice.
    D.D.A’s give you the blueprint to some of the worlds most burning questions,
    using some of the worlds most influential guest for help.


In our last DDA, The Undisputed Guide to DM Diving Part I we tackled an issue many people wonder about nowadays. If you can’t tell by the title we are talking about the DM game. We reached out to some of the world’s most gorgeous women and asked them one simple question, How can people succeed in the DM’s? We got tips like “Don’t use the words sexy & bad” ~ Niki Neal and “Start off asking me how I’m doing” ~ Makaela Heard. Wildly enough the most common tip of all was for men to stop sending nudes. For some odd reason dudes think this method actually works. According to the women, it doesn’t.

Regardless we are back with The Undisputed Guide to DM Diving Part II. This time around we’ve included a whole new set of Sbrbnwifey’s to give you their take on the rules to DM’ing. As you know the days of walking up to a cute girl is slowly coming to an end. The days of Stephen curry jump-shot gifs on the other hand… steady rise. For this reason we have to wonder, “What’s the best way to DM women?” The only way to find out is to actually ask women themselves. So that’s what we did, Here’s what they had to say.
The Undisputed Guide to DM Diving Part II:

Sophia Diana


Sophia is one of the most gorgeous  models you will come across. She has put all of her efforts into becoming just what she is. The superstar Model is currently working on becoming even bigger than she was last year and so far its been working. Make sure you give Sophia a follow & check out what she had to say about the DM’s

Here’s what Sophia has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: I have to say the more respectful , positive and uplifting you are the better, if I were to look through my dms the more appropriate comments would catch my attention rather than reading nasty dirty comments.

  • Don’ts: DO NOT send nudes !! I don’t know where in the right mind someone thinks sending a nude picture of them is going to catch anyone’s attention ! -disrespectful, vulgar language is deff a DO NOT

  • Advice: Depending on how you approach someone things can actually go good, I’ve been in a relationship for a year now and it all started over a dm! So choose your words wisely!



Aileen is an aspiring model and actress based in MD

Here’s what Aileen has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: I don’t reply to my DM’s at all but when it comes to someone who is respectful and encouraging I reply. For instance if you want to DM a women you have to approach her in a unique respectful way, “hey, I just wanted to say you are very beautiful and I respect your grind keep up the good work”. You will most likely be noticed and get a reply. Introduce yourself so she atleast knows your name.

  • Don’ts: DO NOT! DO NOT! send nudes that’s an easy way to get BLOCKED and please don’t be disrespectful your momma raised your better. Don’t DM with just an emoji… how do you even reply to “✌?” or “?”.

  • Advice: My General advice is if you see a women who is focused and on her grind don’t dm her knowing you just want to waste her time and play games, Respect a women’s grind. If you want to DM her have a nice profile picture cause most women look at that first before deciding to even click on your DM also don’t be a creep. Give a nice compliment and know how to start/carry a nice conversation. If you are going to message her try looking for a general friendship not “oh she’s bad i want to wife her or make her my boo” trying to jump into a relationship or start something with someone you barely know is a bad start try to actually get to know the person.



Kysia is a Dominican Republic born goddess who is multi-talented to say the least. Her main focus has always been song writing but that hasn’t stopped her from other endeavors. While working on her music she is also involved in the fashion world. While residing in Toronto Kysia told us she is gearing up for the release of her very own clothing line. We can’t say when but just know it is coming very soon. In the meantime check out what Kysia has to say about diving in to the DM’s & make sure to give her a follow as well.

Here’s what Kysia has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: I like it when people come to me for advice wether they are going thru something or they need help with anything im always here to listen

  • Don’ts: Please don’t send me nudes I hate seeing that  ? Yuckkk

  • Advice: Just keep it respectful and you should be good 

Valerie Batalla


The beautiful Valerie Batalla has been making major growth in the beauty world. With her modeling and Youtube channel she has been able to cultivate a fan base and push her brand.

Here’s what Valerie has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Come in my dms with something funny or start a conversation about something you know I like!

  • Don’ts: DON’T ask for nudes!!! Most girls will not reply

  • Advice: Lurk on her socials and see what she’s into then make your way in slowly.


Kiara Nichole


  • Do’s: When sliding in the dm’s it’s okay to compliment but do so respectfully. For example it’s okay to point out the fact that I have big boobs but there is a certain way of saying things.

  • Don’ts: What you shouldn’t be doing is saying stuff like “come sit on my face” or sending nudes. Also don’t blow up my dm’s, trust me I saw it the first time.

  • Advice: When sliding in dm’s just keep it cute shoot your shot and keep it moving. Being disrespectful is just unnecessary because that’s a waste of your time and mine because you just gone end up being blocked.


There you have it!

I hope you gained some useful knowledge from this segment of DDA. The advice given to you should be used at your own risk! What works for some doesn’t work for all but we’re pretty sure it’ll work :). As usual test out these practices & share it with a friend who may need some assistance with his DM game.


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