You Keep Sleeping Through Your F*cking Alarm…Here’s Why.

Sleeping through your alarm.

You Keep Sleeping Through Your F*cking Alarm…Here’s Why.

Siri set an alarm for 6:00am, Siri set an alarm for 6:15am, Siri set an alarm for 6:30am”

Does that sound familiar? ? If you’re anything like me then chances are your alarm just doesn’t do the trick. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell siri to wake you up there’s only two options, sleep through it or press snooze. Five alarms later you’re up scrambling to do what you had planned. Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or a person who presses snooze not getting in the morning can be a horrible habit. Tons of people have this issue, getting up and staying up in the morning can be one hardest things to do. If you’re reading this then you probably agree. Moreover you’re probably oversleeping more than you would like. That’s okay though, I’m here to help!

We’ve all heard the expression “early bird gets the worm”. Well it’s true, waking up early truly does have its benefits, Conversely so does sleeping but there’s this wonderful thing call “balance” that can give you benefits of both. Crazy right? But we’re not here to talk about sleeping more or even balance for that matter. We’re here to talk about your lazy ass not getting up on time!

Whether you aim to rise earlier for business, health or even for sport I have gathered some of the best “wake-up-stay-up tactics” out there.

Before we start there is something that you have to do if you want to be successful in this. The first step in breaking your horrible habit is talking to yourself. I advise that you go over your reasoning for wanting to break your nasty habit. Once you have successfully determined your reasoning, following through will be that much easier.

Tips & Tricks for heavy sleepers :

1.Better Alarm

STOP BEING CHEAP AND GO GET A BETTER ALARM! We both know that the alarm you have isn’t getting the job done so why are you still using it? Face it, your iphone can’t do it all! Ditch whatever piece of crap alarm you’re using and get a better one. #Simple

2. Sleep More

For all you heavy sleepers who can’t seem hear your alarm you might just need more sleep. Sleeping through your alarm could be a result of sleep deprivation. A simple fix to this is literally going to be earlier. Cutting out that 30 minutes of phone time before bed will prove beneficial. Anything that you don’t need to be doing before bed should be cut out. You’ll be able to actually get valuable minutes of sleep and better your chances of waking up when your alarm hits.

3. Mentally Prepare

Mental preparation for your alarm sounds like something that probably won’t work but it’s actually something that works very well. Like I will mention later for all the snoozers out there planning your day will help give you enough motivation to actually get out of bed. For you heavy sleepers you should be preparing mentally. Not only for you day but for you alarm. Take some time before every night and prepare to wake up. That’s right, get ready to wake up. Tell yourself that you’re going to wake up. Make it a mission in your mind to hear your alarm and get up once it sounds. By doing this you allow your brain to marinate with these thoughts while you’re sleeping. In turn you’ll much more likely to hear your alarm.

Tips & Tricks for snoozers:

1.Plan your day/morning ahead of time.

Taking the last hour of your day to map out your entire next morning or even day can go a long way. By doing this you are giving your day to day life so much more structure. When you plan out a work day you will notice how much more work you are able to get done. Now, you’re probably wondering what that has to do with getting out of bed in the morning. The trick here is to plan your day/morning with something exciting towards the beginning. Many people find it hard to get out of bed after they wake because they don’t feel they have anything to look forward to (i.e Work and school). But by scheduling your day ahead of time  you are able to plan activities for yourself. The good thing about this is it can be anything. Maybe you have an assignment do tomorrow and you choose to go over your answers when you wake up instead of at night. Any activity that is urgent, fun or exciting will give you that jump needed to wake up and stay up. Here’s an example of what my morning schedule might look like.

5:00am – 6:00 am: Wake up

  • Groom
  • Breakfast
  • Check Google Analytics

6:05 am –  7:30 am: Read

7:35 am – 8:00 am: Finish revising last chapter of my essay

You see, giving yourself time in the morning to eat and brush your teeth will allow you to process the day. After you take sometime to wake up ease into something mentally stimulating like reading, then get to what you had planned! I know someone is thinking to themselves “I work in the morning or I don’t have time.” To that I have one solution, wake up earlier.

2. Go to bed earlier

If you’re finding it extremely hard to get up in the morning it may be because you’re not getting  enough sleep. If you wanna rise with the big boys then get some rest! Your idols wake up at 5:00am because they’re probably going to bed at 9:30 if not earlier! Be smart and get your rest so you can actually get up in the morning.

3. Keep water near, drink it when you wake up.

If you’re a snoozer aka Mr. just ten more minutes then this tip might be right for you. Before bed take some time to fill up a cup of ice in a bottle and wrap it with foil. When you hear that alarm, instead of hitting snooze, take a swig of water. The cold water will wake you up, even if it’s just enough to get out of bed. Once you get up then take from tip 1 and get something productive going.

4. Put your phone on the other side of the room.

Another tip for you snoozers out there is placing your phone/alarm across the room. If you want to stop the ringer you’re going to have to get up and shut it off. Here is the tricky part! Once you turn it off DO NOT GET BACK IN BED! I’ve caught myself literally canon balling back into my bed after doing this! Don’t be me.

5. Dress Warm

This is one of the more slept on tips out there. Dressing warm can be very important depending on your home. For me my house is cold as shit! If I neglect to wear socks or sweats to bed guess what i won’t be doing in the morning ? Getting out of bed! Now, one of you is somewhere talking about how cozy it feels to have your socks off in bed. I agree, but if you have ever decided to stay in bed just fifteen minutes longer because it’s too cold right now, then you know exactly what to do.

Waking up in the morning can be a huge problem for some people. Like any issue though, you have to work on solving it day in and day out. After enough repetition you will be able to make waking up a habit even without an alarm! Like i mentioned earlier it will all start from within. Your mindset going into this will play a huge role in whether this actually works or not. So take some time and get your mind right. Once you do this there is only one thing left to do!


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