Max Fullard shares his go to playlist for the ladies.

Max Fullard has been making strides in the DJ world of late, having left a significant stamp on the greater Los Angeles area. While HIS music always remains true to his heart he never seems hesitant to share a track that simply deserves sharing. That is why it comes as no surprise to hear a mix from him that blends so perfectly together.

As of this year, the Virginia Beach native took his talents to sunny Los Angeles and has been gifting us with vibes ever since. This time around rather than a body of work he is giving us something to take home to mama, or rather a tool that’ll help you catch something to take home to mama ?. Thankfully His ear for music and ever-growing DJ skills bless us again. The mix consists of straight R&B bangers and a couple that fly under the radar. With just under an hour of content, these mashed together tracks deliver a masterpiece that’ll hold us over until his next project hits.

You can check out the entire mix up above via Soundcloud. As always let us know what you think in the comments and when you get a chance check out Max’s catalog as well. You won’t be disappointed!

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