Meet Dell, The Rapper Who Doesn’t Fit Your Stereotypes.

Recently Dell took to Instagram to release what might be one of the most bar invested tracks that we’ve heard in months. Not familiar with Dell? Well, Maybe you should be.

Dell who is a Long Beach native is one of those artists that don’t come around very often. He simply does not fit any of the stereotypical boxes that Hip-Hop has set up.

Being totally honest, while your initial thought would be to throw him in there with the old school genre of rap. A closer listen will reveal a swagger that we can’t quite put our finger on.

His most recent track “Curse On you” unravels the Long Beach rapper rather quickly, exposing you to witty punch lines and a very aggressive overtone. With such unique voice though, Dell almost has a way of mesmerizing you.

Unlike other rappers in today’s climate, Dell brings you real life content without the bore that is associated. He often speaks on his own self-loathing issues only to describe the crown that he walks around with. An odd dynamic indeed but it is undeniably relatable.

As we see it Dell is preparing to make a stamp this summer and not just for this summer but for years to come.

But Hey, don’t take our word for it check him out for yourself. His latest track is up above and his some of his catalog can be found via Soundcloud. As usual, give him a follow and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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