Not Giving Westbrook MVP would be Disrespectful

Westbrook MVP

Not Giving Westbrook MVP would be Disrespectful

There is not one season that LeBron James wasn’t cheated out of an MVP award. Besides for the years that he actually won MVP LeBron has been robbed of the award every single time including 2015 NBA Finals (Yes I said it). This time around LeBron isn’t the one who might get robbed of the award. It is instead superstar Russell Westbrook.

After posting a phenomenal year averaging 31.6, 10.7 & 10.4 on the season he has left the world in shock. This season Russell managed to earn the scoring title, will his team to 6th overall in the Western conference playoffs and break several NBA records including the most triple doubles in one season (42 triple doubles). If that wasn’t enough Russ also managed to break the record for the most consecutive triple doubles in a row & the record for the highest scoring triple double in league history (57 pts). If we’re being honest the man has pulled off one of the best regular season performances of all time this year and somehow there is question about who should win the MVP.

Let’s be clear.

Russell Westbrook

No one in their right mind is debating that Russell shouldn’t get MVP but there are arguments saying that others are more deserving, get it? Yea, neither do we.

Reporter Stephan A. Smith is on record saying he believes this could come down to a Co-MVP situation. I’m confident statements like these leave hoopers everywhere dumbfounded. If I told you last year a player would average a triple double and lead the league in scoring, you would call me crazy. Yet here we are. So what could possibly lead people to believe Russell shouldn’t get or have to split the MVP this year? James Harden

Well he is hairy, stands 6’5ft and weighs 220lbs. That’s right, we’re talking about the beard. James Harden, a man doing some extremely impressive things on the court. James, the catalyst for the Rockets success finished the season averaging 29.1, 8.1 & 11.2. Very impressive and damn near a triple double but there’s just one problem. It’s not a triple double. Now I know what your thinking, “There are other things Harden has done this season” which is very true. Harden broke records this year too and he also had a very impressive stat line. But if we’re comparing him & Russ a lot of what they did this season is canceled out. Both players broke records and both players had triple doubles, almost to the point where we can’t really put one over the other. The thing is, Russell had more triple doubles. A lot more.

The one thing Harden does have over Westbrook is a higher team record but when you compare both teams the Rockets are clearly better. Not to mention that the Thunder need Russell a tad bit more than the Rockets need Harden.

In a world where there are two winners, both James & Westbrook are deserving of the award but the sports world isn’t that. In sports (Basketball at least) there should be 1 winner and several losers. Based on that logic Westbrook is the clear winner. Shoot, even without that logic Westbrook is the clear winner. I mean WHY NOT (Pun intended). THE MAN AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOBULE so what are we really talking about, practice? In the end Harden managed to beat  Westbrook in 4 categories Ast, Blk, FT%, & FG%. None of which are by a margin bigger than 2. On the flip side Westbrook also beat out Harden in 4 categories PPG, 3P%, Stl & Reb. The only visible difference is Westbrook’s historical season. There is no other indication that anyone else but Westbrook deserves the MVP. We just hope the NBA can get this one right. If not it could be the start of the end for the MVP award.

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