Phay Keeps It real In Our Latest Interview

If you know Phay you know he is always releasing a ton of content. From new music to his hilarious “Words with Phay series” He has always kept his listeners entertained. Make no mistake about it, Phay is a one of a kind artist. He has a one of a kind sound and the clearly enough hustle to back it.

If you recall our most recent interview with Phay you know that this latest project makes for his second in only nine months. The project titled E & Phay” features longtime friend Eric Young. The two come together giving us a sound that only diversity can.  We had to check in with our guy Phay to talk Hustle, his recent accolades and more.

Check out the entire interview down below and make sure to give “E & Phay a listen Down below.


1. Last time we talked you had just released your Album “MAMA”. Now you’re back at it again with a second project for the year. How have things changed since we last spoke?

To be honest, things haven’t really changed that much. Don’t get me wrong, the fan base is definitely growing, but in terms of operations, we’re keeping our heads down and working like it’s the first release. We revamped the MAMA website, new merch, new seasons of Words With Phay, and just staying persistent. It’s a marathon.

2. In only nine months you’ve delivered two great projects. Do you ever feel like you’re not giving yourself time to really sit with the content you’re giving out?

Wawww. What a question! I realized that sitting on music doesn’t do anything for me. I want to put it all out. F*ck it…. record and release it. I love every record that I put out, but I don’t fall in love with them (if that makes sense). You don’t get to choose what records people gravitate toward the most. I put them out for the people. You have to be relentless, or they’ll forget about you quick.

3. A million + Streams on Spotify, Talk to us a little bit about that. Just seeing a number that large has to be rewarding, to say the least.

Very humbling and thankful to see. All praises due to the most high. But in the grand scheme of things, a million streams ain’t sh*t. I didn’t even know I had a million Spotify streams. The homie Kelechi hit me up and was like “you have over a million streams on Spotify”. I kinda just shrugged and thought “that’s dope.” He made the banner, and we made it a milestone. It’s a cool milestone.

4. Tell us a little about this new project. Where did you come up with the concept?

Concepts usually come while we’re in the middle of creating the project. Eric reminds me of Craig from Friday. More chill, more level-headed. I’m more like Smokey… more unpredictable and sporadic. To play off the “Phay Friday” thing, I just named it E & Phay Friday and themed the cover after the Friday movie series. E & Phay is also a play on E & J liquor. Although I don’t drink, I’ve heard stories of how lit someone can get by drinking E & J.

5.  For the listeners who have been supporting, what can they expect from “Friday” that we didn’t get in “MAMA”?

 A much more light-hearted feel. It encompasses my current stage in life. Happy, easygoing and vibrant. “Friday” is a bunch of bangers. It sounds like summer! It feels so warm, and it has an infectious bounce. Eric Young is an amazing producer.

6. Eric Young is super talented you can hear it in the music. What is your relationship with him? Can we expect another joint project?

Eric is the homie. The way we ran into each other was fate. My homie Dom asked me to come with him to this apartment. At first, I was like “Nah, I’m good.” Then he said they had 2k. I had to bust some ass, so I decided to go with Dom. When I got there, it was clearly a bachelor pad. I saw 3-4 dudes I never met before. There was a mic and computer set up in the dining room. I was playing 2k with somebody while the guys in the dining room were playing their records. One of those guys was Eric. He played what is now “Money Mitchin” and I immediately paused the game, turned around and asked, “who the f*ck is this!?!” Eric confidently put his hand up. He had an unfinished verse on there when I first heard it. I told him “I have to finish this. I’ll finish the verse for you.” He was with the sh*ts and the rest is history. Another project might be far-fetched but definitely expect more records together.

7. What was the creative process during the making of “Friday“?

A lot of the records were unfinished Eric records from like 3-4 years ago. I told him to send me all the stems and I’ll finish the records and make an E & Phay project. Eric doesn’t trust anyone with his music so I was surprised when he agreed. I felt a responsibility to finish his vision. He was in Sacramento the whole time I worked on the project. I was in Atlanta of course. He also got married and had a kid during my portion of the recording process. The only records we physically did together were “Peace” and “Money Mitchin.” I took care of all the engineering and structuring of the project. Eric laid the foundation with his genius production and melodic hooks. I finished some of his verses as well (Money Mitchin’, Never Trip, Move). Our chemistry just works. Even when we’re thousands of miles apart. I finished the whole thing in a week.

8. This latest album isn’t a spur of the moment project. You mentioned it to us back in January. Does this mean you already have new music lined up for 2018?

We still have 3 solid months left in 2017. Why not drop another project before the year end?
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