#SbrbnTop10: The rap game’s Most Slept On

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#SbrbnTop10: The rap game’s Most Slept On

You’re sleeping wide awake.

Hip-hop has been at the forefront of music in mainstream america for years now. Cultures & races from all over have been able to find a home in the world of Hip-Hop. Even outside of the U.S we’ve seen Hip-Hop’s influence play a major role in the sound of music. What makes Hip-Hop so attractive is it’s ability to take on so many sounds followed by the competitive nature that fuels it. Of course other genre’s have a certain competitive edge about them as well but none can quite compare to that of  Hip-Hop.

Lately Hip-Hop has been developing a new sound of music that still hasn’t been defined yet. Artist like Migos, Lil Yachty, Kyle & Lil Uzi have created sounds that are very different from one another. Yet still they are able to coexist in this thing called Hip-Hop. This is mainly due to the effects of social media which has benefited the music world but also put listeners in a tough spot. We are consistently hit with new music making it hard to keep up. Even worse it can be difficult filtering out the best artists at times.

For that reason we’ve compiled some of the best overlooked artist in the rap game right now. Check them out:

10. Stalley


Stalley is one of Cleveland’s own, though he is a proven spitter he doesn’t get as much recognition as he probably should. To keep it simple Stalley’s style resembles that of Rick Ross. Though they sound very different they both make hustler music. Stalley, much like Ross releases tracks that motivate you to go and get it. With a unique and often creative flow Stalley has remained one of the industries most underrated. Staying true to his sound we give you MMG’s very own Stalley at #10 on this #SbrbnTop10 list.

9. SchoolboyQ

ScHoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q is one of those rappers who have an extremely great fanbase. Not the biggest, but the greatest. Still we believe he deserves more than what he gets. Why? Because he is extremely versatile in his music. The T.D.E member has proven time after time that he is capable of putting together great music. Not in just way either, unlike other artist Schoolboy has been known to switch up flows and even attack different beats. He is one of those artist on the list that have a good amount of clout’, we just believe he deserves more. For that reason Schoolboy finds himself sitting at #9 on this #Sbrbntop10 list.

8. Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Musically Mac Miller has come an extremely long way, from the days of rapping about Donald Trump to his most recent music that really embraces love. Though Mac has received plenty for his accomplishments his ability to create great music. Mac has always been a witty rapper to say the least, not enough to to be underrated for it though. Mac remains underrated for different reasons. As a curator of music Mac is genius. His melodic touch has been overlooked for quite some time. In his most recent album The Devine Feminine Mac really showcases his talent as someone who can really put together great music, especially  when you notice how well he uses his voice. For that reason Mac finds himself at #8 on this #Sbrbntop10 list.

7. Nipsey Hu$$le

Nipsey Hussle

Los Angeles native Nipsey Hussle has built an amazing career through rap. Having lived most of his life in the ghettos of LA Nip has single handedly created for the most part his own lane. Upon hearing his music you may first think “Gangster Rap”. Take a closer look & you’ll realize his subject is deeper than you think. Nipsey has a way about talking the life of a hustler that often motivates and promotes positivity. Not to mention that the music is actually good. Sitting at #7 on this #Sbrbntop10 list we have Nipsey Hussle who has brought positive light to a sub genre often known for negativity.

6.  Troy Ave

Troy Ave

New York native Troy Ave makes it in at #6 on the list because he is simply good at making good tunes. He isn’t the most prolific spitter in the world but musically he is extremely talented. His groovy tracks often go unnoticed, to be fair this is partially to do with his “out of studio” affairs. Nonetheless his ability to make that “talk your shit/dance music” is slept on. His groovy music is something that Hip-Hop could use more of, we just have to look out for it.

5. Cody Mac


Sitting at #5 on this #Sbrbntop10 list we have Cozz other wise known as Cody Mac. Cozz is one of Dreamville’s heavy spitters coming out of Los Angeles. Though he doesn’t have the biggest name yet, we can assure you he has the potential to be great. Cozz’s music comes in true Dreamville fashion with bars and soul. He often hits you with bars that you won’t get until the third listen. We had to throw Cody Mac on this #Sbrbntop10 list at #5 for his wittiness with these bars. If your not too familiar with Cody Mac go check out his latest album Cozz & Effect. 

4. Joey Bada$$

Joey Badass

Joey’s aggressive rap style is what gained him his presence in the rap game. His NYC underground style took the rap spotlight for a bit when he dropped 1999. Since Joey has shown growth as an artist giving fans a more musically inclined sound. Of course he hasn’t lost the amazingly conscious and bar driven style he is known for. People recognize what Joey can do yet aren’t quick to respect him as one of the doper artist out. Regardless Joey is an amazing musical talent for that reason Joey makes it at #4 on this #Sbrbntop10 list. Lookout for Joey’s upcoming album All-Amerikkkan Badass.

3. Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is without a doubt one of the more slept on artist in the rap game. Though his name will surely always ring bells It won’t always be for his amazing rapping ability. The coral city native has built a fortune from major business deals but it all started with the music. Ross is much like Jay-Z in the way that he spits. Not that the two are of equal level but both spit with what you could call a “Rich-man’s swag”. Ross doesn’t receive the credit he deserves for his immense rapping ability or even his “producers ear”. For that Ross finds himself at #3 on this #Sbrbntop10 list. Go check out Ross’s latest album Rather You Than Me & you’ll get a taste of that we see.

2. Bas


Sitting at #2 on #Sbrbntop10 list we have another Dreamville artist. Bas has slowly but surely become a superstar talent when it comes to creating music. Though the industry hasn’t recognized his greatness quite yet Bas is equipped to battle with the best of them. His story telling ability is extremely strong especially when matched with his lyricism and use of  melody. Having created two beautifully crafted Album’s Bas is one of the industries most slept on. Go check out Bas’s latest album Too High To Riot and you’ll see what we are talking about.

1. King Los

King Los

King Los Is in our opinion the most underrated rapper in the game right now. The baltimore native has cemented his name as one of the best heavy hitters in the lyricism world (For those who know) but his presence is only mildly felt.  From some of the coldest mixtapes to writing what is known as Diddy’s best verse King Los has given his fair share to the rap game. The reason Los finds himself at #1 on this #Sbrbntop10 list is purely for his lyricism. Los is known to rap on the spot while people literally give him topics. The best part is even though lyrics are his strongest attribute he has recently been broadening sound. With his latest album God, Money, War he gives us a whole new side we didn’t know he had & its safe to say theres more to come.


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