Get to know Scottie Franklin, Owner of “Local Trap Star”

Atlanta has been on the rise in music, art and fashion. Artist like Young Thug, Rich The Kid, and the Migos are examples of the emerging culture that have really put the city on the map. Atlanta’s rich  fashion scene is flourishing with the rise in popularity of boutiques like WISH Atlanta. One brand in particular has been able to staple itself as the face of the new culture coming out of Atlanta is Local Trap Star. LTS is owned by Scottie Franklin, a Georgia native who had a passion for fashion and turned it into a reality. You have probably seen the brand on the likes of Young Thug, Yo Gotti, Chris Brown,  and Swae Lee, but what does the brand stand for? What drives the brand owner? And how did he navigate the industry without losing himself and the integrity of his brand? Sbrbn was able to catch up with the owner Scottie to discuss what makes this brand really pop and what it took to get Local Trap Star over the hump. Check it out down below!


Scottie Franklin: 

Give us a brief intro. Who are you? What do you do? Where are from? Schooling? Etc.
I’m Scottie Franklin, Founder & CEO of Local Trap Star. I’m from Swainsboro, GA but moved to North Atlanta in middle school.

What is your inspiration behind LTS? What made you create the brand?

The inspiration behind Local Trap Star is to create social change. Our goal is to instill a new mindset being that success is attained merely through hard work, consistency, and ability to network. We created the brand, and labeled it as our first step to replacing words with action.

Most people look at Local Trap Star and see immediate success, obviously there is a grit and grind to every brand. What has been the hardest thing about building your brand?

It’s been one hell of a ride with all sorts of obstacles and growing pains. The hardest aspect of building a brand and being your own boss is disciplining yourself. When you start to see success tons of distractions come along with it, but you have to remain undeterred and focused on your goal.

For those who don’t know, what does the brand stand for?

The words “Local Trap Star” stand for “Relentless Ambition.” The mask in our logo represents our slogan of, “Success has No Face.”

Success has no face…what does that mean to you?

“Success has no Face,” is a symbol of where I come from, and where I am now/where I’m going.

To be in a position where you see your designs on some of the biggest artists in the world must be humbling, What does the support from major artists mean to you as the creator? 

Seeing celebrities support something that we built from the ground up is a nearly indescribable feeling, my closest similarity is winning in sports. The bigger the celebrity the bigger the game, and feeling of victory.

What does the city of Atlanta mean to you? To the brand?

Atlanta is home, its what made us who we are and it feels great to become apart of the Atlantian culture. Atlanta is the backbone of our brand!

A lot of young entrepreneurs want to make an impactful brand. Do you have any advice for someone who has no idea where to begin?

Trust your instinct, be realistic with your goals, and less talking more actions!

What does your day usually consist of as a young CEO?

My day consists of creating/choosing new concepts for apparel, maintaining while expanding the business, following up on opportunities, and so much more.

What is your view on the rap game right now? Do you like the direction it is headed? More importantly how has it affected the clothing game?

The rap game is evolving, and I can honestly say I like the boldness of expression, and the acceptance of melody today. More so I like the story in today’s music, its a more difficult to decipher but each artist is telling you where they come from, what it took to get out, and what its like on the other side. It has affected the Fashion world by verbally being bold with expression.

What can we expect to see from Local Trap Star next?

You can expect to see our brand in very random places, movies, music videos, NFL, and Collegiate Sports world, so many more outlets.

Where can the people find you?

Our brand’s Instagram is LocalTrapStarS, our website is LocalTrapStar.Com, and My personal Instagram is imsofrank. Thank You!

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