Stream & Download our Playlist “The Hustler’s”

Stream & Download our Playlist “The Hustler’s”

I once heard a quote that said “If you’re born rich its not your fault, but if you die broke It Is.” Some would say this quote is far from true while others will agree. Regardless, I have yet to meet a person who actually wants to die broke. In honor of that we bring you our debut playlist The Hustlers.

The Hustlers which is 24 tracks long features some of the music worlds most talented artists. From Jay-Z to Lil Dicky this playlist has been curated by Sbrbnsounds to relate to any go-getter out there. Whether you are hustling by your lonesome or working late night with the squad these tracks will ignite you.

Perfect for late nights on the laptop or even early morning before your day starts. The Hustlers has been curated for your benefit and your benefit only. If your about your coin take some time to listen to the playlist up above and let us know what you think.

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