Emerging Markets: The Rise Of Angrila


Angrila is a bridal wear manufacturer that has been flying very close to what we call the line of longevity. The privately owned company may not be the biggest in its industry but the brand has been making strides like no other recently. 

Angrila is one of those household names that truly gets it. Although still young the company has been able to make itself one of the best in its class. A true understanding of how important a woman’s wedding day is has kept the company deep-rooted to their formula of working on a gown without the assembly line approach. In other words, an emphasis on client individuality has allowed the now global brand to hold the power of a massive mega brand yet still keep the same attentiveness of a company still on the rise.

This is exactly what makes the bridal gown company so special, especially in its industry. It is truly rare that a company is able to dominate so heavily amongst designer lines and maintain the individualized approach with its clients.

Let’s face it, A wedding may be a woman’s only  TRUE day that’s all about her. No kid, family member or even groom could stand in the way of this special moment for the bride. Which makes the idea of a gown fit for only her that much more important. A true testament to the brand’s awareness is the assembly of designers and staff who come together to work hand and hand with their clients on a specific piece.

What may be most surprising is that this method of one on one building has been their primary source of growth. Unlike most companies in today’s climate, Angrila not only emphasizes an individualized approach with each of its clients. IT DEPENDS ON IT. Angrila is not a company that uses some of the heavier doses of “Influencer marketing”. Which is surprising when considering how rapidly the company has grown.

The scariest part? This is real personalization. Not the standard “Change of color here and there” or the “this bead vs that Bead”. Angrila actually caters to their client’s alterations at all costs. Whether it is something as simple as lengthening or as complex as adding all new details to a gown. Angrila is dedicated to making it happen.

From a micro level, Angrila is really rehashing the old ways of Gown creation. No longer will you have to recognize YOUR dress on another bride and that is truly something special. The way we see it,  As long as the company stays true to their formula the days of traditional wedding dresses handed down from generation to generation will be back in no time.

If you haven’t already, take some time to check out their site here & as usual make sure to tell them SBRBN sent you!

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