Watch Footwork Skate Mag’s newest documentary-series “Why I Skate”

Why I skate

Watch Footwork Skate Mag’s newest documentary-series “Why I Skate”

Footwork Skate Mag recently debuted their newest docu-series “Why I Skate”. The series dives into the lives of several skaters whom share the impact that skateboarding has had in their lives. The first episode takes place in Chicago where you’ll meet Jon Von. Jon, a local skateboarder whose life has been absorbed by skateboarding breaks down how important skating is to the community. “Skating has been my escape, kinda like a safe place. I can get away from all my problems and just relax and be to myself” Jon says. We all know how dangerous rural areas such as chicago can be. Many times these ares are subject to such harsh realities due to a lack of opportunity. Skateboarding is just one of many activities that offer the youth opportunity. This latest document-series sheds light on the power of Skating in these areas.

The video spans just shortly over 2:00 minutes and you can thank Danny for the visuals on this one. Check out the video up above and if you like it make sure to give Footwork a follow.

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