We Talk sneakers & Clothing with Winter of Few Less Clothing

Few Less Co

We Talk sneakers & Clothing with Winter of Few Less Clothing

Few Less Clothing is a brand coming straight out the east coast representing streetwear in its purest form. With loud colors and designs that scream originality Few Less stands as one of the younger brands looking to tell the test of time. As a student of the streetwear culture Few Less’s owner, Winter has been waiting patiently for her time to grow the brand to higher stature. Winter, now 23 moved from South Carolina to Atlanta after graduating high school. Here she began preparing for something bigger. While in college she learned the art of visual production which has helped spark attention for Few Less.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Winter to discuss her background as well as her plans for the future of Few Less. Check out the full interview with Winter down below.

Give us a little intro. 

I’m Winter, founder of Few Less. It is my Jordan year haha. I’m from south Carolina but I moved out to Atlanta after high school and went to school for photography ironically not for fashion or something in that field. Designing has always been my first love but I took on an interest in photography and film when I was younger too. Although I didn’t complete school for that degree; It was cool because it helped me produce better visuals to market my brand.

So right out of the gate I think one of the more interesting things about you is that you’re a woman. Not many women are big in the “streetwear” industry. As a woman what made you make the jump into streetwear? 

As a kid I was always into sneakers. I can’t really remember a time I didn’t want a pair of sneakers. For a while I wore uniforms so I didn’t care about clothes as much. Around 7-8th grade I got into street wear and really knowing brands from admiring some of my favorite rappers style and being online a lot. That was like the Myspace era online lol I had friends from all over on there that was heavy into like streetwear brands like Bape, BBC, Stussy, Diamond Supply, Alife, and more. I had a natural attraction to the culture.

How long have you been pushing the brand? 

I was working on Few Less for a little over a year before putting it out to the public. My family and friends knew what I was plotting on but publically I dropped the “Open” tee late October to get people familiar with the name and 3 months later I dropped the Racer sweats and classic logo tee’s as my official drop back in January.

Few Less Co is an interesting and attractive name is there any meaning behind it? 

The name is actually Few Less but I chose this name because few means “a small number of” and less means “a smaller amount of.” I wanted to use two words that are close in meaning to put emphasize on a limited amount like being exclusive.

What does the brand represent?  

To elaborate more Few Less is about doing what we want and creating we want we like. Constructing high quality goods on a limited scale. It’s all about being exclusive.

I noticed that you’re really into sneaker culture, What are some of your favorite kicks? 

It’s so many sneakers. I like so to keep it short and simple. I’ll go with Jordan 1’s, Jordan 4’s, Air forces (low), Air max 90’s, and Prestos. I usually keep at least one of these five in rotation.

What new releases are you looking forward to (Shoe wise) ?

Right now I think the Kaws 4’s are one of the best drops this year hands down. I’m waiting on the Don C 2’s last color-way to drop considering I missed out the “beach” color-way. I’m happy Nike finally decided to put out new color ways for the footscape wovens (one of my favorite sneakers). Lol, its so much dropping this year that I want  so we’ll see what I get my hands on.

Few Less is about doing what we want and creating we want we like

What about your latest look book, any significance in the air max the modeling is wearing?  

It really wasn’t planned, I went to shoot with my good friends Marv and the model in the Racer sweats. I wore my curry air max 90s to shoot in and he had on the U.S.A pack air max 90s with them. I felt like my air max’s went well with the pants and his look so I let the model wear my sneakers. It turned out to be a clean fit for the look book.

Okay, Last thing about shoes. If you could only collaborate with one shoe brand or designer over your entire career who would it be? 

That’s a tough question, I would have to go with visvim’s. That’s been one of my favorite sneakers since like high school. The whole brand pays close attention to detail which I admire. I’ve always been big on Japanese brands and their style. Their naturally so fashion forward so that would be for sure an ideal collab.

“Family is forever & we break bread together” Something that was quoted on your first season bomber jackets, what does that phrase mean to you? Where does it come from? 

Family is always going to be there for you and it’s only you break bread (money) with them.Few Less Co

The fashion Industry is becoming more & more saturated everyday; how do you think Few less Co will manage to rise on top? 

By staying true to ourselves and what we represent.

Have you run into any company hardships yet? 

Man, my biggest hardship was dealing with my manufacture at the time because the lack of communication which caused me to miss deadlines I set for release dates. I learned you have to make the best of every situation good or bad.

Do you have any fears as you grow as a brand? 

I can’t really say I have any fears. As the brand grows it’ll be a learning process which is the most exciting part about it. You can never stop learning and getting better at your craft.

What is the overall direction your looking to take the brand? 

I want to embody a classic look that gives consumers a nostalgic feeling to some of the best eras of street wear in our own way. Being limited or exclusive. Crafting highly detailed timeless pieces that can be dressed up or worn as simple casual streetwear. While continuing to push culture and style with my team through Few Less

By staying true to ourselves and what we represent

Starting so small as a company requires a lot of attention to detail. How hands on have you been with everything in the brand? 

I’m every part of my brand the creative and business side. I enjoy everything even the things I hate lol if that makes since. I’m a hands on person and a perfectionist. I’m always learning new things that betters my craft. As said iron sharpens iron; I believe it’s important being hands on to get better in the areas I may lack in.

What can we expect next? Collabs? More content?

Expect the unexpected.


For more on Few Less you can visit their site here. If your looking to shop make sure you tell them Sbrbn sent you.

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