The Most Motivational People On Snapchat Right Now

There are so many different types of snap chatter’s in the in the world. We have the fashion guru’s, the selfie queens and who could forget the lip syncers out there.

Following the same people can get boring. Once we’ve added all of our friends it seems like we just keep adding hot women from Instagram. We have to ask ourselves “Who should I follow on snapchat”?

Our favorite people  to follow over at suburban are those who look to inspire and motivate others. So in honor of the motivational snap chatters across the world we have rounded up some of our favorite motivational snap chatters to follow. Check them out down below.


10. Shawn Thomas                                                                                                                            @askamillionaire

Shawn Thomas is a successful entrepreneur who has built various companies that have earned him his fortune.  Shawn uses snapchat to promote his financial/entrepreneurial  knowledge through what he calls “Ask a Millionaire”. If your looking to get some daily advice on what it takes to make it big as an entrepreneur then shawn is your guy.

9. DeStorm Power                                                                                                                              @destormpower

DeStorm is a multi-talented entertainer who has built much success from his ability to create great content. From music to comedy and even athletics DeStorm has been able to conquer many feats.

His Background in Music has lead to him working with talent like Snoop Dogg, Taleb Kweli and plenty more. In 2011 DeStorm won a AMA Award following a Youtube Music Award in 2013 for Innovation of the year. Outside of music DeStorm has at one point been recognized as a premier athletic trainer and has even been credited with the discovery of major talent like Kingbach

Moreover Storm has acted as a catalyst for the new wave of entertainers thriving from social media. He has generated millions of followers across all of his platforms.

While this list isn’t  nearly close to what DeStorm has been able to conquer it is still an impressive list considering the background that he came from.

On Snapchat DeStorm is always giving some sort of inspiration. Through a segment he refers to as #Morningmotivation he tackles some of his audience’s problems and questions. If your looking to get some #Morningmotivation or just simply need some advice DeStrom is the perfect person to follow.


8.Dewayne Johnson                                                                                                                                       @therock

Dewayne’s snapchat can go one of two ways. You can be motivated or intimidated by his massive biceps. Nonetheless dewayne promotes a healthy happy life on his snapchat and its sure to get anyone inspired to be the most fit you can be.


7. Rick Ross                                                                                                                                                 @ferrarifatboy

Rick Ross has managed to build an empire which all stems from his immense rapping ability. From MMG to owning wingstops in almost every state Ross is truly a boss. As you probably expected Rick Ross didn’t make the list because of his speeches but more-so because of his flexing. Ross often showcases his pool which is one of the biggest in the world or he’ll show his  fleet of whips that sit in front of his multi-million dollar mansion. For any driven person this is pure inspiration. If you know you aren’t motivated by seeing others reap the benefits of hard work then maybe Ross’s snapchat isn’t for you but if you are, then go ahead and give him a follow.


6. Cena Barhaghi                                                                                                                              @cenapinkdolphin

Cena is part owner of Pink Dolphin clothing company which has had much success over the years and because of it he is able to live a pretty exciting life. His snapchats are typically him driving in his tricked PD Ferrari telling his Fans to drink more water, stay sucka free and always be positive. Cena is one of those young guys that you have to follow if your wondering how you should move throughout the day because he’s always on TOUR and not the tour your thinking about.


5. Diamanté Blackmon                                                                                                                              @djcarnage

Dj Carnage is a Dj who has built much success by breaking into the EDM scene. He rocks shows that contain a head-scratching amount of people and after he eats at restaurants that only he could. If your looking to live that party life on the daily and want to know what it takes Dj Carnage is someone you want to follow.


4.Nicky Diamente                                                                                                                             @nicky_diamante

Nicky Diamante often referred of as Nicky “Diamonds” is the owner of Diamond Supply Co which is arguably one of the most legendary streetwear companies In the world . Nicky generally is snapping the view point from his home and some fantastic dinner from a hollywood restaurant. Honestly Nicky  has some pretty boring snapchat stories BUT his stories are what you get when you’ve literally made it to the top. We don’t really see the grind that Nicky has put in to get where he is but we get to see the outcome of hardwork and thats the motivation right there.


3.Sean Combs                                                                                                                                                @puffdaddy

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is referred to as the “Richest Rapper” but in all honesty he is so much more than just that. Puffy often takes to snap to provide a higher frequency for his fans. He spreads positivity through his #Teamlove campaign and often times gives some entrepreneurial tidbits. If your looking some love or even some advice Puffy might be a person you should follow.



2. Dj Khaled                                                                                                                                                @djkhaled305

Dj Khaled has built much success from his hit records and as of last year snapchat. The Dj has taken snapchat and used it as a platform for giving his fans “Major Keys”. Khaled often times comes off super hilarious in his snaps but everything he is saying is true. He spreads motivation and gives great insight on how to stay positive. If if your looking for a laugh and want some keys to success Dj Khaled is your guy.


1. Kevin Hart                                                                                                                                                   @lilswag79

THIS MAN IS AMAZING! Kevin hart is one of the most inspirational people that own a snapchat account. His “Hustle Hart” mentality is so real. He makes you laugh and will get you pumped to tackle your day, week and even year. He often starts his day around 5am with a morning workout and from that point on he does a million other things. When watching Kev’s snapchat think of him as your rival and make it a mission to out do him at any cost. This will get you working harder than you ever have. If you want to laugh, get motivated or even get fit Kevin is one person you want to follow on snapchat.

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