Who is Whokr?


If you’ve been closely watching the Los Angeles music scene or even happen to have been scrolling your favorite Instagram models page then you’ve probably ran across the name Whokr. Click on his profile and you quickly find out that he’s a rapper.

But that doesn’t quite solve the curiosity that surrounds him. The question still stands, who the hell is WhoKr? or is it Kr? and why does he get to throw up OVO signs in his photos?

When we first came across Kr we watched him closely trying to find out exactly what he was all about. Kr whose real name is Kalaan Walker has been making a name for himself in LA.

Still he remains a big mystery.

Although he shares plenty on social media he still leaves you wondering with subliminal lines and deep monotone photos. His 60k followers on Instagram explains why his music is streamed so heavily on his Soundcloud but it doesn’t explain other things. Like how exactly did he pull off a secret show in Atlanta that held 1500 people? or who is he having secret meetings in the hills with? and again why does he get to throw up OVO hand gestures in his photo’s?

Soon soon soon

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We had to do some digging, we didn’t find much but we did find something

We discovered In what might be his only interview out right that Kr was at one point a highly sought after artist. In a interview with LA Weekly, the author  claims that WhoKr has been on the radar of “most of the major labels” including TDE. So It’s not to far fetch to believe he could have ties with OVO. Especially when you look at his OVO-repping photos or even the fact that OVO radio’s twitter promotes his material album regularly.

As of now WhoKr is not on a label but come next year he might very well be. As for music Kr has been working diligently on his upcoming album. The album titled “It Could Happen” is due to drop 12/9 and has had some pretty good praise so far.

In the end it’s still hard to say exactly who Kr is, but once his album drops well know exactly who he is and what he’s capable of.

Keep a close eye out for Kr in the future and make sure you check back on 12/9 to stream his debut album “It Could Happen”.

• December 9th my new project drops and I never really had the major push other artist were blessed with because I refused to conform to what these major labels wanted. They invest more in a hit song than the actual artist nowadays and becoming a one hit wonder for the satisfaction of a label and a quick check is not the path for me. I’ve always been a “For The People” type artist because you all are the reason I’m even slightly relevant and I’m humbled and thankful for that. Some people follow me and comment sometimes, some people like my photos and keep it pushing, and some just lurk on my page just to do so, but I’m asking everyone for your help on December 9th, I have so much to prove to myself and the disbelievers and also to the people who never gave my music a chance. On December 9th I ask you all for your helping hand, don’t be quiet! Express yourself, when the project drops don’t just scroll, comment and @ every friend you know and tell them to listen, instead of just liking and scrolling say something! Tell me what you like, what you didn’t like & to the people who don’t even know why they follow me, listen on December 9th. Someone told me nobody is gonna fuck with me until I’m relevant on a major level, and personally I don’t believe that. Im dropping this project with no major promo just my team, you all & my faith and I personally feel that’s enough. Become more active than you ever been with me on 12/9 just to remind me “It Could Happen” Thank You. TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS TO STAY UPDATED IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. MUCH LOVE

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